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Book to organize all resources

Creating a book in to organize all of your online resources in one convenient location is an effective way to structure course materials. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to set up a book resource:

  1. Access Your Course:

  • Navigate to the course page where you intend to organize your resources.

  1. Enable Editing:

  • Turn on the editing mode by clicking the ‘Turn editing on’ button, usually found either at the top or the side of the course page.

  1. Add the Book Resource:

  • Go to the section or topic where you want the book to be placed.

  • Click ‘Add an activity or resource’.

  • Select ‘Book’ from the list of resources and then click ‘Add’.

  1. Configure the Book Resource:

  • Name: Provide a title for your book that clearly indicates its content.

  • Description: Optionally, you can add a brief description explaining what the book covers. You can choose to display this description on the course page.

  1. Add Content to the Book:

  • After creating the book, you’ll be taken to an editing screen to start adding content.

  • Click ‘Add a new chapter’ to begin organizing your resources.

  • Each chapter can have a title and content. Use the rich text editor to add text, links, images, videos, or embed other resources.

  • You can continue to add chapters as needed by repeating this step. Organize them in a logical order that facilitates learning.

  1. Reorganize Chapters:

  • If you need to change the order of chapters or subchapters, use the up and down arrows beside each chapter to adjust their positions within the book.

  1. Adjust Settings:

  • Set navigation options and other settings according to your preference. For example, you can decide if you want to allow printing of the book or set up restricted access for certain chapters.

  1. Review and Save:

  • Preview the book to ensure all resources are correctly linked and displayed as intended.

  • Click ‘Save and return to course’ to finalize the book setup. This will add the book to your course page where students can access it.

  1. Update and Edit:

  • As the course progresses, you can return to the book resource to update or add new chapters. This flexibility allows the book to evolve with your teaching materials.

Using a book in helps keep online resources organized and easily accessible, making it an ideal tool for creating structured and comprehensive learning modules.

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