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Complete Class of 36 Blue Safe Pouch and Magnet

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Ready and Easy to Implement and Use 

Step 1: Number your pouches with your name and 1-36.  Separate the pouch in 6 Sterilite with 6 pouches each (1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36)

Step 2: Print out your class roster and assign each student a pouch, going from to bottom in alphabetical order)


Daily Task: As students enter your class, they pick up their assigned pouch and put their phones and smartwatches inside, asking a volunteer or you to lock them up. If students don't have a phone, they can "pouch up" earbuds.


Grade/Requirements: Depending on your school leadership and policies, you can implement incentives or grades to encourage or require students to lock up their phones.


Participation Grades: Students earn a "Pouch Points" stamp daily for following your class expectations and procedures. Each stamp can be equal to 10 Participation Points. (We have pre-made Pouch Point Logs for you)


Extra Credit Incentives: Students earn a Pouch Point stamp for voluntarily locking up their phones. If they refuse, they get a parent call. Either way, they cannot use their phones in class. You can refer students for confiscation if they are caught having it out. 


However, the best implementation is always having a 1:1 school-wide implementation. Please share this with your administrators and other teachers.