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Sport Jersey Design Only



Don't pay $65+ per Jersey!  Our Premium Soft Jersey is As Low As $29 per Jersey with FREE Art Design Service.


Prices Range

  • 1 Jersey -  (Student $30 with Coupon; Sponsor Price $36 Same Price for Fundraising because $5 goes to Fundraising Club)

Volume Discount Prices

  • 1 to 10 Jerseys -  $35 per jersey.
  • 11-20 Jerseys - $33 per jersey.
  • 21 or greater - $29 per jersey.

Personalization with a Different Name only costs $2 extra per jersey.


Affordable Pricing Explanation: We aim to make it affordable for parents to buy what the school no longer needs to supply. Sponsors pay slightly more, directing most of the net profit to the fundraising club. The school benefits from tiered volume discounts to save money.


Fundraising Opportunity for Your Club: (Contact us at to set it up)

  1. We will donate $5 to your club/organization per sold Jersey.
  2. We will update you monthly on how many jerseys or shirts are sold. 
  3. We will write a donation check to your Club when it reaches $100.


Unlock your unlimited creativity.

If you need help, you can use for ideas and resources, as it is not the main element of your design.  We have Premium Subscription to use it do finished product. 

Size and Quantity (optional)

Up to 500 characters.

Other Notes (optional)

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