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As public school science teachers, we are committed to saving schools money and our environment as we provide products and services that help current educators to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. 

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Our Story

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Current Teachers Empower Educators 

Since 2011, I have taught science at a large Title I public high school in Southern California. I have the privilege of working with 1000s students, parents, and educators. 


However, I see the same fundamental needs and problems in schools get relabeled and exacerbated every new school year. 

One critical and most underestimated underlining problem in today's schools are growing misuse of smartphones and other electronic devices. Smartphones are essential tools for learning and other conveniences, but many students misuse them to do illegal activities, cyberbully,  record school fights, or cheat. Yet, most school leaders only see smartphones as classroom management problems that classroom teachers need to solve in their own classes.

After I witnessed a tragedy at one of my feeder schools, I invented Multi-tiered Safe Pouch to stop phone distractions and misuse of smartphones. Most importantly, our Multi-tiered Safe pouch empowers all staff to work together as a team to make school discipline procedures and consequences more immediate, positive, and impactful while putting students' and staff's safety first.

Our Journey


Co-founded Win Elements LLC

Co-founded and operate a Learning Management System website to provide all participating teachers with a centralized website to create engaging learning activities.


John invented Multi-Tiered

Safe Pouch

After witnessing a tragedy at one of my feeder schools at the beginning of a new school year, I invented Multi-tiered Safe Pouch to stop phone distractions and misuse of smartphones. Most importantly, Safe Pouch empowers all staff with the tool to make their school discipline procedures and consequences more immediate, positive, and impactful. 

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Make a difference.

We are not large corporates; we are educators with the mission to empower one educator at a time to make a difference at their schools. 

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Mr. Crane, Biology Teacher
“Students are able to earn a small amount of extra credit if they [pouch] their phone in a Safe Pouch for the whole period. This helps their grade because they want the EC but then they focus more on assignments because they do not have the cell phone distraction. Students with less than 75% are required to place their phone in the pouch until their grade is above a 75%. Most of these students improve their grades because they want the option of accessing their phones. Reduces tardies because students who are late have to put the phone in the pouch."
Ms. Lutes, Biology Teacher
"The Safe Pouch removes the phone as a distraction and allows students to focus on their work. I require students that have a D or an F to automatically pouch up their phone. Since doing this, students have been working harder to complete their assignments and raise their grades in my class. I don't have as many students failing my class."
Mr. Jeska, Anatomy
Use of the safe pouch allows students to proactively choose to "[pouch up]/put away" their phones and to give themselves an opportunity to be able to focus and be present to their learning. They intuitively know that phone use and screen time distracts them and impacts their focus on their coursework. Some students choose not to [pouch up] their phones and are directed by the teacher to do so if they are found to be on the phone without permission. Usually, more work results as they have more focus to do what is asked of them. In this manner, students can see the positive use of the pouch and generally, albeit slowly, they will willingly [pouch up] their phones. Parent contact can also help this realization to occur.