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Learning Equity Challenges: Most teachers are unable to support underserved students because it is time-consuming with traditional teaching pedagogies. Consequently, teachers cannot accept late work or allow students to retake assessments. However, Sleedu.com allows teachers to transform their teaching pedagogies and activities, which all teachers to provide support with just a few clicks.

Prepare for High-State Tests: Today's high-state tests like CAASPP, CAST, APs, or SBAC include high DOK questions with rich media.  Using the LMS hosted on Sleedu.com, teachers can create similar assessments and learning activities. 

Increase Teacher's Collaboration and Save Teachers' Time: Most schools' PLCs fail to support teachers because traditional teaching pedagogies do not allow teachers to collaborate or share ideas and resources easily. With Sleedu.com, teachers from different schools and districts can easily collaborate and share resources. 

Save Paper and Money: Even though schools offer 1:1 Devices, many teachers cannot integrate the technology to refine the lessons. Schools and teachers often waste money on unproven software or strategies. Consequently, teachers go back to traditional paper-and-pencil lessons.

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