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Effective Implementation Options

Organization and  Maintenance​

  1. Number and store Tier 1 Blue Safe Pouches in 27-gallon bins. 
    Number and assign all classrooms a Blue Pouch magnet and an Orange Safe Pouch.
    Give all Campus Supervisors, Administrators, and other Supporting Staff an Orange Pouch.

Note: If you have amazing students and parents, you can check out the pouch for students to take care of and bring them to school daily. 

Arrival Task

  1. Upon entering the school, students TURN OFF their phones, show them to a staff member, and pouch them with their smartwatches using either the school's pouch or their own pouches.

    1. If there is a long line or bad weather, students can pick up a pouch, turn off their phones, and lock them up themselves.

  2. If students say they do NOT have a phone, students open their backpacks to show it to staff.  They lock up their earbuds, smartwatches, and other distracting items.

  3. Proactive Teacher Tier 1  Interventions: First-period teachers double-check their students' pouches through the hole as they greet them at the door or at the beginning of class.

Easy Schoolwide Enforcement and Consequences:  If students are caught with a phone during school, the staff will lock it up in an Orange Safe Pouch, or they will be referred to administrators for confiscation, and parent calls will be made.  The staff member retains the students’ IDs and hands them to the Office. These students must wait in line at the Main Office and “answer a reflection question” to request a staff member to unlock the pouch so they can retrieve their IDs.

Repeated Offenses: An online referral to the Alpha Vice Principal for confiscation. Parents pick up after school hours in the administrator’s office. Parents and students are to review the smartphone-free policy with the administrator.

Note: **If a student defies a school official, does not turn in the electronic device, or refuses to use the pouch, the student may be assigned additional consequences.

End-of-Day Dismissal Task: After school, teachers unlock the pouches, collect the school pouches, and return them to the bins at the Main Office or nearby designated pick-up areas. They collect any damaged pouches, including students’ personal pouches, and report students who have lost or damaged them, charging parents for repairs ($5) and replacements ($15). Students will get their personal pouches back after paying for repair, and their pouches are repaired. Meanwhile, they borrow the school pouches daily or buy a new pouch.

1:1 Pouches in Schools

1:1 With Students Taking Pouches Home

Step 1: Number and check out a Blue Safe Pouch®  students to take care and bring them to school daily. 

Daily Arrival Task: Before entering the school, students turn off their devices (phones and smartwatches), lock them in their pouches, and put them in their backpacks. Students show it to a staff to check it through the hole.

Daily Dismissal Task:  Last-period teachers unlock students' pouches. Students with the Orange Safe Pouch need to Answer Reflection and Wait in Line at the Front Office to ask a staff member to unlock and return the pouches.

Easy and Effective Implementation

Common Challenges and Solution

"I forgot/damaged my pouches":  Students borrow an Orange Safe Pouch from the Front Office or leave their phones at the Front Office to be picked up after school.

" I don't have a phone":  Students will be trusted and given the benefits, and they lock up earbuds or other distracting items.

" Students lied and were caught having their devices out in schools: A staff member either confiscates students' devices or locks up students' devices in Orange Safe Pouch.

Charge the student $5 per Repair or $15 for Replacement.

Damaged/Lost Pouch Repair or Replacement

Proactive Prevention: First-period teachers greet students and double-check students' pouches  through the hole as students enter the class.

Many Benefits of Orange Safe Pouch

By having a Tier 2 Orange Safe Pouch in all classrooms and on every campus supervisor and administrator, all staff members can enforce immediate “positive consequences” to proactively prevent and reduce tardiness, cyberbullying, fights, bullying, defiance, and chronic absences.

Schools can redefine traditional discipline by adding Orange Pouch to counseling, detention, and suspension. They can also provide an alternative “positive consequence” for minor infractions before conflicts escalate among students.

Transform School Discipline and PBIS

Individual Classroom Implementation

Either piloting a few classrooms or solo teachers implementing.

Organization and Maintenance: Number Pouches from 1 - 36, and divide the pouches into 6 Sterilite Bins ( 6-Quarts). Print out rosters, and assign each student a pouch.

Daily Participation Grades: Make it part of your daily participation grades. Students are given a Pouch Point stamp ( equivalent to 10 points) for following all class expectations and procedures.

Pouch Point Stamp Reward: Print out a Semester Pouch Point Log to give to students. Students earn the Pouch Point stamp if they arrive on time and voluntarily pouch up their phones. These points can be exchanged for a Late Pass or Extra Credit. Students who "decided not to" pouch up their phones may get a parent call.

Tardy students either "pouch up" their phones or go to the Main Office to get a Tardy Pass. (They don't earn the Pouch Point stamp)

Class Arrival Task: Students pick up their assigned pouch, put their phone inside, and ask the teacher to lock it up.

Class Dismissal Task: The teacher walks around to unlock the pouches and reports any student who broke their pouches, calls parents, and refers students to the administrator. After unlocking the pouch,  students return their pouches to the correct bins.

Phone-Free Classroom

Feedback for Educators

“My principal was very supportive of the no phone policy in my classroom and he purchased a class set for my classroom. Since I have implemented the pouches, I have seen a difference in my students’ grades. They are more focused and they are actually paying attention in class. My students know that once they get 80% or better or their assignment, then I will unlock their phones. It gives them a reason to work hard for their phones. Their grades have improved tremendously. I wish that I would have had these phone pouches a long time ago.”

Ms. Silvestrini’s Piloted in Her High School Math Class

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